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Classrooms are unused for 90% of their lifetime

Know your potential

Imagine, today all rooms in your school are used, but statistics show that 2 additional class rooms are needed for next year. What can be done? Do you need to build a new building, or rent additional space - or can you simply optimize the utilization of the rooms to generate more space?

Explore possibilities

What can be done to create more space for a school building? More-Space-Education lets you explore all your possibilities to increase utilization of your rooms. What happens if 2 teacher share one room, or 3 teachers share 2 rooms? Find it out!

Optimize your timetable

Every teacher has personal working time preferences, and you still need to fit 2 additional classes into the school building. More-Space-Education generates the optimal timetable for you, based on all your settings, preferences and constraints.

How can morespace education help?

Forecast the amount of class rooms

Understanding how much space you will need before constructing a new building or moving into an exisiting one is crucial for planning. Find out the number of required class-, course- and group rooms for your school before you build!

Discover the space potential

Constructing new buildings or renting additional rooms is not always necessary when the number of students is growing. Often, scheduling optimization, sharing rooms between part time teachers, or changing management rules releases additional space for the new students.

Find your optimal timetable

Creating timetables is complicated and takes a lot of time; and usually due to the amount of preferences and constraints the results are far from optimal. With More-Space-Education you can easily generate timetables that are optimal for teachers, classes and lectures.

Discover and use the full potential of your space!

Visit us from 19th - 20th May in Mannheim (Germany) at the exhibition "Moderne Kommune" to discover your space potential!
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What we offer

potential analysis

Potential analysis to discover the full potential of your educational space.

  • all classes
  • all teachers
  • all competences
  • all rooms
  • recommendation for optimization
  • detailed reporting

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timetable optimization

Optimize space and timetables in educational buildings.

  • web-login
  • preconfigured cockpit
  • customizable preferences
  • full timetable generation
  • timetable optimization
  • timetable export
  • premium support

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